About Us

Bazbazaar is a store where you can find genuine and unique Jewish items in a wide range of collection. This holy store was established some few years back for the sole purpose of selling out religion items directly from the holy land to any country in the world and this is what we have been known for in the past few years of our existence.

Bazbazaar is located in the holy land of Israel which is the Promised land for the jewish people. So you can be very certain that whatever you see in our store is authentic and original item as they are been used in the land of Israel from the beginning of time.

We deal in genuine , Jewish and Judaica items for synagougs churches and homes. Our items include menorah, mezuzah’s,

Prayer shawls, Bible Books  and many more. If you are looking for undiluted  Jewish and Judaica items for your home , then Bazbazaar is the place to be.

Our service is one of the best in the world when we talk about religion items. This is because we are located in the holy land and we only sell true and genuine religion items like they have been used in the ancient world in the great nation of Israel.

Our mission is not just to sell you an item, But to bring you the ultimate buying experience starting with a large range of impressive collection linked with an excellent customer service. We are proud to tell you that we are the best in what we do. Our items are unmatched in terms of quality, durability and uniqueness.

Despite having the best quality items, we offer the best customer friendly price in the industry, this is one of our main reasons for doing what we do. Our dream is to see that there are as many genuine Christian, Jewish and Judaica items as possible in every churches and homes. This is what we have been known for over the years.

If you really want to practice religion with the true religion items just as it is done from the time of Moses till this day in the wonderful nation of Israel, then Bazbazaar is the place to be. We will connect you to the practice of judaism the ancient way with the true worshiping and praying items.

Our company, our services and our location differentiates us from other similar companies or businesses in just any country. We are here to give the best and this we have been doing for years. Bazbazaar will give you an unforgettable experience just like we have been doing with our previous customers and we ship across the world.


shavit m.(owner)