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Aladdin oil lamps

Previous to the creation of the Aladdin oil lamps, homestead was usually lit by the flicking light of flat wick, kerosene and oil burning lamps. The creation of round wick, non flicking Aladdin lamp therefore became something of a break, when talking of how people were able to light their house. Aladdin oil lamps provide a solution to the lessening and flickering nature of light which is given off by the traditional lamps.

It uses a circular wick and an uncommon earth mantle that could provide a similar nature of light to a 60 watt bulb when it is heated using the flame of the oil burning lamp. This made the Matle lamp company of America so confident in their product quality that they offered to give a $1000 reward to anyone who could create a lamp that produces a brighter glow. Over 7 million Aladdin lamps were sold in the year 1930, but the reward remains unclaimed.

Mantle remains a pioneer in modern sales technique because they give away Aladdin lamp at their outset and began allowing customers trade in the old and outdated models for a more recent and new ones.

Aladdin lamps are designed in various styles and shapes, with the original models made with brass or nickel plated brass. There are various models and types of metal lamps, which comprises of the bracket lamps, table lamps and singularly beautiful hanging lamps.

The best and highest selling lamps in history of the Aladdin was the Alacite tall Lincoln drape. Alactie was the trademark of Aladdin, it looks like ivory both in texture and color. The moonstone glass was unique also to the Aladdin lamps. This name was given because the glass itself usually glows like the pale of the moon when it is lit from the inside. The quality of the glowing moonstone is as famous with the collectors now, just as it was to the customers of Aladdin in the 1930s.

Some collectors see the Aladdin lamp as an elegy for a way of life that ended long ago. The Aladdin manufactured numerous uncommon electric lights as well, following the invention of electricity.

Most of my aladin collection at the web site are brass made lamps mostly use for decoration.

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