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More About Seven Branches Menorah and the Jewish Menorah

The 7 branches menorah’s made dates back to the ancient times during the period of the first temple in jerusalem and has been a symbol of Judaism. The 7 branches menorah’s made is a means of remembering the period of the temple and it is also meant to serve as a reminder of how God created the earth with everything in it in seven days. It is also said to symbolize the time Moses went up to mount Horeb and saw the burning bush and it is one of the symbols of the country Israel.

The 7 branches menorah’s made was carried by the Israelites as they passed through the desert before getting to Israel where they lit the tabernacle which was their place for prayer as they travelled and after the first temple was built the 7 branches menorah’s made was placed there.

The 7 branches menorah’s made, was used for the first time to light the inside of the temple and was lit every day by filling the lamps of the candle holders with olive oil. This is still done up till today in synagogues and homes. The difference these days is that the 7 branches menorah’s made make use of electric bulb or candles to be lit instead of olive oil but it still serves the same purpose. The 7 branches menorah can be made from materials such as metal, brass,silver or gold and is most times decorated to like the 7 branches menorah’s made of the ancient times.

In the ancient times the 7 branches menorah’s made was used most times as the only source of light inside the ancient temple that had no windows. Every day the menorah was cleaned and lit by the high priest with the use of just pure olive oil. The lamps were meant to be able to burn throughout the whole day and despite having the same amount of oil poured into all the lamps, history has it that the lamp in the center never went out and because of this it was used to light the wicks of the other lamps every day. The lamp that never went out was seen as a miracle and a sign that God will always be with the Jewish people particularly in this wonderful holy temple.

The conventional design of the 7 branches menorah’s made was revealed to Moses by God in a vision which can be seen in Exodus 25:31-40 part of which states

“Make a menorah out of pure gold. The menorah should be formed by hammering it. Its base, stem and cups, spheres and flowers must be hammered out of a [single piece of gold]. Six branches shall extend from its sides, three branches on one side of the menorah, and three branches on the other side”.

In current times, synagogues are known to have and own either a traditional 7 branch menorah’s made or in some instances a single lamp not far from where the Torah is placed, ensuring a regular light source for the holy book.

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