Sefer Torah Scroll – 14″ Length


Torah Scroll Book

14″ / 36 Cm (Chumash, Pentateuch)
Printed in Hebrew, Made in Israel, Brand New
Nice and easy to read, printed on paper in traditional Hebrew font, with protective embroidered cloth cover.

On the cover design of olive tree branches, Torah crown above and Star of David

(Magen David Shield) below.

Written in Hebrew “Baruch She’Natan Torah Le’Amo Israel” – Blessed he who has given the bible to the people of Israel.

Great for Torah reading at Synagogue, learning the Torah at home, Bar Mitzvah, holidays, Judaica gift.

handles made of olive wood

Total length  : 14 inch  /  36 cm

Scroll length : 8″ / 20 cm



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