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The Significance Of Menorah In The Jewish Faith

Menorah in Hebrew means lamp. The original Menorah of the Jerusalem temple a gold menorah having seven branches, and serves as the most common and one of the oldest Jewish symbols to this very day. The present menorah is different from the temple’s menorah in that, it has nine branches instead of seven. It has also come to represent the Hanukkah jewish holiday, an eight day holiday to commemorate the miracle of oil that should have lasted for one day but lasted for eight days. The Hanukkah menorah is one gift that is in particular, appropriate to be given to friends and family (not only to Jewish friends) all year round. It is a work of art made of one piece of gold with quite a mind-boggling detail – flowers, knobs and almond-shaped cups. It has eight symmetrical branches, four on either side of a central vertical branch.

These days, Hanukkah Menorahs can be found in several different places such as homes, religious houses, institutions and even stationery of significant establishments. Although they are only lit once a year (every night of the eight days of Hanukkah), they can be displayed all year round as a prize item of art. It is most likely for this reason that the Hanukkah menorah remains the top selling gift for every Jewish celebration. In an increasing number, parents now give their children gifts of Hanukkah.

The choice of Hanukkah menorah is fantastic. On yearly basis, expert designers bring out new and innovative designs of different sizes and colors. From conventional to modern, there is a menorah design that suits any age or choice. You can even have more than one Hanukkah menorah. With the arrival of a handful online stores selling lovely and unique menorah, you need not worry about buying one, regardless of where you live. Visit for a wide variety of Menorah you can choose from,we have small menorah or big menorah seven branch or nine branch menorah for sale.

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