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what is hanukkah

hanukkah called also as Chanukah or the festival of light is a jewish holiday that celebrated for 8 days
for the memory of the Hasmoneans victory over the Syrian-Greeks .
(the Hasmoneans were the jews Guerilla forces in the second centory bce led by Judah the maccabee).
the syrian-greeks that control the holy land back then tried to force the jewish to accept their culture instead
of their beleiving in GOD.

The victory liberated the Jews from the enslavement of the Greeks and the decrees decreed by the Greeks.
Following the victory, the Temple in jerusalem returned to work and the jewish could worship GOD again.
The holiday is celebrated for 8 days because there was no oil in the Temple to light the golden 7 Branch menorah.
But Fortunately, the Hasmoneans found a small jug of oil with very little oil inside,
The miracle was that the small jug of oil lasted for eight days to light the menorah.
this is why in hanukkah holiday every house in israel and every jews are lightening the menorah.
you can see our seven branch menorah or nine branch menorah by clicking.

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